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    Angry Problems with int to char...

    I'm using the following code to use an int variable (hard coded here but normally cinned by a user) as the beginning of a filename, this code should work, but i think i may be messing up my steps, i get the error: 'can not turn char* to int' when i try to compile, here's the code...anyone know whats wrong??
    int studentID="04390"
    template <class T> std::string toString(const T& val) {
    	std::ostringstream strWriter;
    	strWriter << val;
    	return strWriter.str();
    int main() {
    	std::string filename=toString<int>(studentID) + ".xml";
    	std::ofstream file (filename.c_str());
    return 0;
    thanks for your help
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    int studentID="04390"

    Simple. You are trying to set StudentID (an int) to the string "04390" (a char *).

    You may want to do this instead:

    int StudentID = 4390; //(notice, no preceding zero's are included)


    char* StudentID = "04390";

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