Thread: creating a filename based on a variable

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    Question creating a filename based on a variable

    I'm writing some code that will create an XML file based on a logged in users id number ie: 04390 will create 04390.xml and so forth. I have some code like this...
    int studentID;
    yada yada yada
    ofstream fout("//ID BASED FILE NAME HERE")
    how can i control what will go in that commented area marked "id based file name here"?
    i don't want to hard code in a lot of
    switch (studentID) {
                case 04390:
                         ofstream fout("04390.xml");
    so does anybody have any bright ideas on how do accomplish my goal?? if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    Create a variable to hold the filename. I presume you have access to the username somewhere, so just copy it into the filename variable. Then concatenate the extension onto the end.

    Then just pass the filename variable into the functions where needed.
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    #include <sstream>
    #include <string>
    #include <fstream>
    /** Converts any type T to string if it has operator << (std::ostream&, const T&) defined */
    template <class T>	std::string toString(const T& val) {
    		std::ostringstream strWriter;
    		strWriter << val;
    		return strWriter.str();
    int main() {
       int studentID;
    // stuff
       std::string filename = toString<int>(studentID) + ".xml";
       std::ofstream file(filename.c_str());
    // write to file
        return 0;
    edit: Added C string conversion in filename constructor.. sorry :(.
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    save the files name as a char* and then pass that variable into the open(char* filename); funciton in the wonderful fstream.h library.

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