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    Question File summary attributes

    How would one go about editing file summary attributes? i.e Title, Subject, Author, Comments, etc... Is there a class or standard function for accessing them?

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    Most operating systems (OS) don't do file management to the
    level you are implying. To my knowledge, that is usually done
    by the word processor and written in the DOC's header.

    You can search the internet for file management systems. You
    might find what you are looking for.

    What OS are you refering to?
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    The OS is windows2000...basically the application is creating Mpeg files. I have seen other simular apps that edit video files and there is usually a place you can enter in the info about author, subject, descriptions, etc... Then if you use windows explorer and check out the properties > summary tab, you can see the info about the file.
    What I would like to do is have that info entered when the user creates the file.
    I guess what I am looking at is:
    How does the OS determine the file summary?
    Is there a certain class that stores the info about a file?

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    You have to study how Windows 2000 grabs the data to put in
    the summary.

    On the bottom of your screen click Start
    Click on Help
    Select the Index Tab
    Enter "properties, file properties"


    You might find more answers to your questions at MSDN online.


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    I believe the info is in the file itself. reminds me when I began creating MIDIs. comments I made would be implanted in the file towards the end so it would not be read when decoding (playing) the file. so for some MIDI files, try opening them under notepad and see for yourself. the same goes for mp3 file formats and some others. don't know about mpegs but I believe it follows like the rest.
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    Did anyone was able to solve this problem?

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