Thread: needed help please..( C++ in AV)

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    needed help please..( C++ in AV)

    Sorry to bother but anyone around knows how to use C++ to write a simple cleaning program which can eliminate some virus...really thanks for the help.....

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    It would really depend on the virus. For instance, a virus that added a file to you computer, and called it from win.ini would be easy to remove. Just delete the file, and the line that executes it, no real challenge. But if the virus actually infects files, depending on how it does it, you may have trouble. What is it you're really aiming for?

    PS: This board is really about helping people with their code or coding. If you have a software project you want someone to write for you, go to one of hte online code autions.
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    AV programming in C++ could be very complicated. Viruses vary in many ways and it would take specific codes to remove each specific virus.

    Anyway I'll also go deep into that too after I learn sockets programming hehehe
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    yeah, AV coding could be very hard, you have to know what hte virus does and such to your system.. and then you need to know how to reverse and delete it.
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