Hi there,

There's one place in my project where I have to use the reinterpret cast. The compiler will not allow me to use anything else. I imagine if I just have a pointer it's a pointer to a specific variable type. Whereas if I have a pointer to a pointer it's only ever a pointer to a memory address.

I read recently that reinterpret cast can make code non-portable. I'm not even too sure what that means, however I'm guessing that is only a problem with a pointer to a variable type rather than a memory address.

I would assume any system would take its own default size of memory address and just cast one pointer to a memory address to a different memory address. Thus different systems would still not have an issue when casting that way, regardless of their default memory address size.

That's a lot of assumptions I'm making though. Can anyone tell me if this is right or am I barking up the wrong tree?