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    I'm just having a few troubles when building a c++ program. When I loop through the contents of a Vector or string occasionally but consistantly some cout lines which have normal text and a variable show nothing but a new line.

    #include <vector>
    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    void main(){

    //some operations of a vector
    vector vec;
    //output result
    for(int i = 0; i < (int)vec.size();i++){

    cout << "line " << i << vec[i] << endl;

    line 0 hello


    this is just an example but it does happen, could it be my compiler. It is the free borland compiler and uses the bcc32 comand.

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    There's probably some bug in your code.. I doubt something as simple as traversal would be screwed up with an STL implementation.
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    Won't even compile on mine (bcc32). Says:
    Cannot use template 'vector<T,Allocator>' without specifying specialization parameters in function main()
    I changed this
    >vector<char *> vec;
    and it worked, but I don't know anything about vectors so it may be wrong anyway!
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    Possibly I'll be trying it on visual C++ later anyway, I'm also having trouble with vectors in that I build a vector <string> but when I assign a value to it becomes constant so if I want to use a string method such as, strcmp(str, vec[i]); I get an invalid call of strcmp(char *, const char *); or strcmp(char*, string);

    Is there any way to solve this??

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    STL containers

    One thing to keep in mind is that STL containers are better created with pointers to complex objects. If you don't have a copy operator in your object and STL cintains it, you may inadvertently create empty objects during manipulation. (See Meyer's Effective STL he has a nice explanation).

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    >strcmp(str, vec[i]);
    If both are strings, I think you can say:
    if (str == vec[i])

    Or if str is a char array then:
    strcmp(str, vec[i].c_str());

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