Thread: A really stupid question about struct constructors

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    Red face A really stupid question about struct constructors

    Hi there,

    Idk why but this has got me worried. I've had to make a change to a function written by someone else as it won't compile in conformance mode. It was throwing the good old C2102 error

        //&CD3DX12_HEAP_PROPERTIES(D3D12_HEAP_TYPE_DEFAULT), - will not compile in conformance mode 20/3/24
    It works now but I'm unsure if I made the heap property variable correctly. I should know this really, but I seemed to have wandered into a self-doubt spell so I'd like to check.

    So will this line of code create the heap properties struct named heapProperties with the correct constructor, just as the function parameter originally did?

    That's all, thanks

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    &CD3DX12_HEAP_PROPERTIES(D3D12_HEAP_TYPE_DEFAUL T) creates a temporary object.

    The main problem with these is you've got no control over the lifetime of the temporary, which is why it now complains.

    So yeah, your fix is good.
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    Great, thanks very much Salem

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