Thread: Is c++ Inherently Broken ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by upload View Post
    How about using a regular class.
    Doesn't answer the question of how namespaces are flawed. Your insistence on using a class where a namespace is more appropriate, however, has already been addressed by an answer to a Stack Overflow question that you posted (Namespace + functions versus static methods on a class) and mentioned by laserlight:

    Namespaces are for namespaces. Classes are for classes.

    Don't use classes when you need namespaces.
    Quote Originally Posted by upload View Post
    Libtardism I guess..
    Third time you've mentioned liberalism as if it's relevant. It's not. It's just an ad hominem attack.

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    Namespaces are for namespaces. Classes are for classes.
    So just because she says it makes is true. And what if I tell you that this statement is false.
    You are incapable of independent thought, a known side effects of koolaid overdose.

    It's just an ad hominem attack.
    So in your mind, libtardism is valid and factual, but independent research should be discarded right ?
    This explains why libtards are all anti first amendment because it brutally shatters their worldview.

    In other words, if libtards say pro-choice is the way to go then it must be true, but how do you explain the fact that 150+ countries have rejected those motivations ?

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