Thread: is this bad to do?

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    haha i love it... lets get everyone in here for a Free for all...
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    I think he's asking if code such as this is bad.

    void game_menu()
            int choice = get_input();
            switch(choice) {
            case PLAY_GAME:
            // more choices
    void play_game()
            while(!quit_game) {
                   // game stuft
                   // if pressed m goto game menu

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    IMO it all depends on the situation. generally speaking its not good and is not required but if there is a case where you have to do it just take neccessary precautions for smooth running after the break.

    Originally posted by m00se123 i don't know if i mentioned that my prog does end, it just doesn't ever make to the end. i used the exit function to get out, and before i call that i call my own function to clean everything up. It is not like i just have an infinite loop.
    i dont think there would be any problem [i'm not sure] by using exit.

    Originally posted by Liam Battle
    haha i love it... lets get everyone in here for a Free for all...
    Yeah, im in for one, but maybe in the GD board

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