Thread: Baffled by part of an assert function condition :)

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    Lightbulb Baffled by part of an assert function condition :)

    Hi there!

    Check this out:

    m4xMsaaQuality = msQualityLevels.NumQualityLevels;
    assert(m4xMsaaQuality > 0 && "Unexpected MSAA quality level.");
    The variable m4xMsaaQuality is just an unsigned integer that records the available quality levels for a given display adapter and specified format. Just a number.

    And it should be above zero. So I can understand the first part of the assert condition, but just not the second part with the string? It looks to me like the string is just a temporary variable created there and then and isn't even linked to a defined variable so I don't understand what checking it is doing?

    Surely if I just create a temp variable like that in a condition check it will always simply return as true because it exists?


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    Recall that a string constant has a type of 'const char *'

    And all string constants will compare as not equal to NULL.
    A pointer in a boolean context is implied as comparing it with NULL.
    So in other words
    assert(m4xMsaaQuality > 0 && "Unexpected MSAA quality level." != NULL);

    So you could regard the assert as being logically equivalent to
    assert(m4xMsaaQuality > 0 && true);

    But using a string gives you a super handy way of documenting the reason for the assert.
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    Oh that's snazzy! So if the assert fails you'd get a little error message telling you why too So it's just for convenience of documentation and error hunting and that's it! Thanks very much Salem

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