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    Lightbulb replacing a part of a string

    Hello folks.. Can someone suggest me a way of replacing a part of a string with something else? What I mean is:
    int main()
    string someString("My name is michael");
    return 0;
    Here I want to know if there is a generic way of doing this. Any help will appreciated. Thanks

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    no, I think that you would have to create an array of chars and replace them manually according to the index number of each char...

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    Have a look around for some examples of substr, there are quite a few on the web, it needs to know the start position of the part of the string you want to change, and the length of the string. "The C++ Programming language" gives the example...

    string name = "Niels Stroustrup";
    void m3()
    string s = name.substr(6,10);
    name.replace (0,5,"Nicholas");
    This replaces Niels with Nicholas
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