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    Question validating a magic date

    H! I am making a program which takes date month and year as input and validates that whether the given date is a magic date or not the criteria for magic date is
    1)if month*date is one digit number and it is equal to last digit of the year it is a magic date for example 02,03,2006.
    2)if month*date is a two digit number and it is equal to last two digits of the year it is a magic date for example 09,02,2018
    3)if month*date is a three digit number and it is equal to last three digits of the year it is a magic date for example 30,10,2300.

    now programs requirements are that the input year should be of four digits and this program should be made by using switch statement.

    problem: i have made this program using if else but i dont understand how can i make it using switch statement.

    using namespace std;
    int main()
        int dd,mm,yyyy,a,b,c,d;
        cout<<"enter date ";
            cout<<"invalid date";
        cout<<"enter month ";
            cout<<"invalid month";
        cout<<"enter year ";
            cout<<"invlaid year range ";
            cout<<"special date"<<endl;
        else if(yyyy%100==(mm*dd))
            cout<<"special date"<<endl;
        else if(yyyy%1000==(mm*dd))
            cout<<"special date"<<endl;
            cout<<"not a special date"<<endl;
        return 0;

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    switch / case work well when
    - one side of your if expressions are constants
    - those constants are close together.

    But your if's are variable on both sides, and the range is 1 to 372 (31*12)

    I suppose you could contrive something with
    int magic = mm * dd;
    string s = std::to_string(magic);
    switch ( s.length() ) {
      case 1:
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