Thread: How to use C++ modules with a Makefile?

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    How to use C++ modules with a Makefile?

    I have a Makefile which is minimal, yet complete. It is the following:

    OUT = example
    INSTALL_DIR = /usr/local/bin
    OBJECT = ./obj
    SOURCE = ./src
    SRC := $(shell find $(SOURCE) -name *.cc)
    OBJ := $(SRC:%=$(OBJECT)/%.o)
    DEPS := $(OBJ:.o=.d)
    INC_DIRS := $(shell find $(SOURCE) -type d)
    INC_FLAGS := $(addprefix -I,$(INC_DIRS))
    CC = gcc
    CFLAGS = -pipe -fmodules-ts -std=c++2a
    DEBUG_FLAGS := $(CFLAGS) -g -Wall -Wextra
    RELEASE_FLAGS := $(CFLAGS) -O3 -flto
    debug: $(OBJ)
        @echo "Building the DEBUG binary..."
        @$(CC) $(OBJ) -o $(OUT) $(DEBUG_FLAGS)
        @echo "The binary was built successfully!"
    release: $(OBJ)
        @echo "Building the RELEASE binary..."
        @$(CC) $(OBJ) -o $(OUT) $(RELEASE_FLAGS)
        @echo "The binary was built successfully!"
    install: $(OUT)
        @cp $(OUT) $(INSTALL_DIR)
        @rm $(INSTALL_DIR)/$(OUT)
        @mkdir -p $(dir $@)
        @echo "Building $@..."
        @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
    .PHONY: clean
        rm -rf $(OBJECT) $(OUT)
    -include $(DEPS)
    There is a directory called "src" which includes the source files. When I'm running make, I will get a compilation error about having to first create modules before using them. If I do create them manually, then I will be able to use "Make" and it will work then it will work. Is there a way to automatically create them?

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    I am afraid that I have not yet had time to play around with modules, and what you described doesn't sound like how I expect them to work from what I recall reading on them. I suggest that you post a tiny program that demonstrates your problem. This way, at the very least other people can test things out to see if they can replicate the issue, or if not they might have some insight as to why you have to do what you did.
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    I am far from being an makefile expert I would say I am a Advanced Beginner.

    But, the line below implies to me that if the ".o" files do not exist the results would be different.
    OBJ := $(SRC:%=$(OBJECT)/%.o)
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    Thanks for your answers everyone! Actually I'm not using C++ anymore so I don't really care about this problem. Tho I've spent a couple of hours and found out that my problem is a classic and there is actually no official support for C++ modules with `Makefiles`.

    Btw @Salem, the link you posted is from the post created for my as I wanted to test a lot of sites to see which one will have more support and choose one. Thanks again!

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