Thread: How do I use enourmous integers?

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    How do I use enourmous integers?

    I've made a program that uses iostream.h and am trying to calculate Einsteins famous equation (E=m*(c*c)) but the program has problems with such large integers. I know that I probably should use a different (or one more) header file, but witch?
    I use Borland c++ compiler so I already have quite a lot of header files (no need for me to download (probably)).

    int relativity()                              
     int e;                                       
     int mj;
     float m;                                     
     int speedoflightinsquare;
     cout<<"\nDefine the mass in Kg: ";           
     cout<<"The energy in the object is approximately: "<<mj;
     return 0;
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    The next size up from an int is a long. If you don't want negative numbers, make it an unsigned long to give you a higher range. My Borland 5.5 compiler has an unsigned long as 4294967295UL.
    It also has one of these:
    _UI64_MAX 18446744073709551615ui64
    but I've never used anything that size!

    Check your limits.h file (found in your compilers include directory). That should give you a clue as to what you can use. Remember it might not be portable though.

    The other thing to do is scale down the numbers
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    Thanx, i'll try that soon!

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