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    Please Help

    H, I have a question that ive been trying to find an answer to.
    Ok i have a borland 5 compiler and it is a dos version that i ahve to write bcc32 -tW name.cpp to compile. Ive seen a different version of borland the one that is an actuall program that has a main screen and is much earier to program (you drag and drop liek buttons and stuff. Up to now i had to write my whole code and i did not know wtf im doing. If you know the link to the borland download please!!! post it here pleaseeeeeeeeee.

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    The version you have is probably the downloadable command-line tools of Borland C++Builder 5.5 which is not a DOS version, but Win32. An IDE can be download from several places, for example

    The one with "main screen" and "buttons and stuff", is the full version of C++Builder.

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