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    Question Conio.h file problems

    Good morning (Or evening, wherever you live).
    I am using the Dev-C++ v4.01 compiler and I am unable to use some of the functions in Conio.h, for example : clrscr() and kbhit().
    I know that it's not my programming at fault (For once) because I even copied the "How to pause" example from the FAQ of this site, and my compiler still kept telling me that there is no kbhit() function.

    I opened my conio.h file and it seems very incomplete, so I was wondering if you could tell me where to go to get the full one, or at least one with kbhit()?
    I figure it's probably illegal to get it from one of you because of copywrite and so on, or is it also under the GNU Genaral thing? If so, could someone put it here for me to download?

    PS: I know I should get a new compiler but this is the only good free one I could find.

    Thanks for everything,

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    Wow! Somebody linked to my thread! *gasp*

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    I just had a simular problem using getch().

    You need #include <conio_mingw.h> instead of #include <conio.h>.

    Hope this works

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    you must include both conio.c and conio.h(in the Dev-C++4 IDE/Ming W compiler, whatever)
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