I am looking for a way to convert JSON to XML In C++.
For this we have evaluated PICOJSON and Pugixml.

I need some guidance and approach during initial coding on how to do this.

I am thinking of first Parsing the JSOn into and Object and then Iterated the Object recursively and construct XML using Pugixml

#include <iostream>
#include "include/picojson.h";
#include "include/pugixml.hpp";
using namespace std;
int main() {
    const char* json =
        "{"menu": {"
        ""id": "f","
        ""popup": {"
        "  "menuitem": ["
        "    {"v": "0"},"
        "    {"v": "1"},"
        "    {"v": "2"}"
        "   ]"
        "  }"
    //const char* json = "{"a":1}";
    picojson::value v;
    std::string err;
    const char* json_end = picojson::parse(v, json, json + strlen(json), &err);
    std::string jsonres = v.serialize();
    std::cout << v;
    //How should I iterate on this "v" or "jsonres"

    return 0;
How can I iterate the Parsed JSON Object, could someone guide me with initial code/sudo code