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    Is it possible to get a program to read certain lines (or any lines) of a text file and store it in a variable? If so, how is this done? I'd post some code, but I can't think of anything to put in it other than what I need to know...


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    hrmm from what i understand you want to take a text file and store each line as a string..

    so you would probably have to use 2 dimensional arrays. for ex:

    int col=0;
    int row=0;

    char line[200][80];

    this would hold 80 chars per line for 200 lines.
    then you would do something like this:

    if(line[row][col] == '\n')
    row++;//goto next row
    col=0;//start at 0 col

    col++;//increment col
    input.get(line[row][col]);//get another char

    hope dat helps... prlly a better way than that.

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