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    generate random letters

    how can i generate random letters?
    i was thinking of using ascii, but i dont know how to do that either...

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    rand() % 26 + 'A';

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    Well I am assuming that you want to have lower and upper case letters.

    So here is my solution, don't know how well it will work:
    #include <time.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int num, let;
    num = rand() % 2 + 1;
    if (num == 1)
    let = rand() %26 + 'A';
    let = rand() %26 + 'a';
    cout << let << endl;

    That should work, I am not sure how efficient it is though.

    Just try it.
    tudehopet uses Borland Compiler 5.5
    and Visual C++ 6.

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