Thread: C++ resources for Deep learning

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    C++ resources for Deep learning

    Hi everyone, Im new here, I would love to know any resources/links/books/anything which uses C++(or C) programming languages in the learning material/implementation in the space of Deep learning. I would love to know anyone have anything to share.

    For a little context, Im not a complete beginner into C++/programming. I had worked with C++ for some time.

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    Hi, Just pick a framework that you like such as Tensorflow or Pytorch, and read the documentation.
    I recommend Pytorch (libtorch in C++) as the API closely resembles that of the Pythons and it's a breeze to code.
    I however warn you that there is not a single book that you can use to master any of this as far as I know. but Pytorch's official docs and the previously asked questions on SO and Pytorchs official forum
    should be pretty good for beginners.

    Side note, there are other frameworks for C++ as well but I prefer Pytorch myself.
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