Thread: How to search a binary search tree using a class object

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    Question How to search a binary search tree using a class object

    Hello. I am trying to search for an element in a binary search tree using a class object but I cant get my code to work right. I have a class called Stock which has three private members: compName, compSymbol, compPrice. Here I am supposed to ask the user for a Stock symbol, search for that stock in the tree, and then display the name of that stock. Every time I try to search for a Stock symbol it just outputs 'Not found' even if I know it is in there. I don't understand why I can't get it to work.

    Here is what I have in main. This is the code I am having promblems with:
    int main()
        BinarySearchTree<Stock> tree;
        Stock company[23];
        string name,
        const int DISPLAY_NAME = 1,        
            DISPLAY_PRICE = 2,
            INSERT = 3,
            DISPLAY_ALL = 4,
            QUIT = 5;
    //this is a menu driven program, i only posted the part of the program i am having issues with
        if (choice == DISPLAY_PRICE)
                 //Stock tempSymbol;
                cout << "Enter the stock's symbol to display the price: ";
                cin >> symbol;
                //symbol = tempSymbol.getSymbol();
                Stock* ptr =;
                if (ptr == nullptr)
                    cout << "Not found.\n";
                    cout << ptr->getPrice();
                cout << endl;
    I tried using Stock's member functions get and set (accessor and mutator member functions) for both the symbol and the price but I still can't get it to work. I left a little bit of what I tried in the code above and commented it out.

    Here are some of the functions in the Stock class. The rest of the code here is just for clarification :
    class Stock
        string compName;
        string compSymbol;
        double compPrice;
        string getName() const;
        void setName(string name);
        string getSymbol() const;
        void setSymbol(string symbol);
        double getPrice() const;
        void setPrice(double price);

    And then the code in the BinarySearchTree is this:
    template <typename T>
    T* BinarySearchTree<T>::search(const T& item) const
        T* result;
        result = search(root, item);
        return result;
    template <typename T>
    T* BinarySearchTree<T>::search(Node<T>*r, const T& item) const
        T* result;
        if (r == nullptr)
            result = nullptr;
        else if (r->info > item)
            result = search(r->left, item);
        else if (r->info < item)
            result = search(r->right, item);
            result = new T(r->info);
        return result;
    I know there is nothing wrong with my search code because my teacher helped the class with it. I just put it here for clarification.
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    The code in the main function that you provided is syntactically incorrect, so I suggest that you relook it as there might be a serious copy/paste error. It may well be that you're mistaken about the data being in the binary search tree, or that you constructed the binary search tree incorrectly.
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