Thread: I need help with finishing this Context Switch

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    I need help with finishing this Context Switch

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    typedef void (*Ptr)(int);
    int numThr = 0;
    long r0[10], r1[10], r2[10]; // struct with all registered named
    long *stack0, *stack1, *stack2;
    void save(long *rLocation) {
        asm(//"pushq %rdi\n"
            "mov %rax, (%rdi)\n"
            "mov %rbx, 8(%rdi)\n"
            "mov %rcx, 16(%rdi)\n"
            "mov %rdx, 24(%rdi)\n"
            "mov %rsi, 32(%rdi)\n"
            "mov %r8, 40(%rdi)\n"
            "mov %rbp, 48(%rdi)\n"); //...
    void load(long *rLocation) {  // similar to the book
        asm(//"popq %rdi\n"
            "mov (%rdi), %rax\n"
            "mov 48(%rdi), %rbp\n"
            "mov 40(%rdi), %r8\n"
            "mov 32(%rdi), %rsi\n"
            "mov 24(%rdi), %rdx\n"
            "mov 16(%rdi), %rcx\n"
            "mov 8(%rdi), %rbx\n"
            /*"mov 16(%rdi),%rsp\n"*/);    //....
    int currentThr;
    void setStack(long *s) {
        asm("mov %rdi,%rsp\n");
    void setStackAndRun(long *s, Ptr ptr) {
        asm("mov %rdi,%rsp\n");
    void getStack(long **s) {
        asm("mov %rsp,(%rdi)");
    void startThr(Ptr ptr) {
        currentThr = numThr;
        if (numThr == 1) {
            stack1 = ((long *)malloc(sizeof(long) * 64000)) + 64000;
            setStackAndRun(stack1, ptr);
        else if (numThr == 2) {
            stack2 = ((long *)malloc(sizeof(long) * 64000)) + 64000;
            setStackAndRun(stack2, ptr);
    void shareCPU(int thread) {
        if (numThr == 1) {
            save(r1); // Save out created thread registers
            load(r0); // Load the main thread registers
            // do "opposite" of what we did on lines 36-39
        // Switch stacks back and swap registers
    void main1(int whoami) {
        while (true) {
            cout << "Main 1 says Hello" << endl;
    void main2(int whoami) {
        while (true) {
            cout << "Main 2 says Hello" << endl;
    int main() {
        while (true) {
        return 0;
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    I have moved this from the C programming forum to the C++ programming forum since you appear to be programming in C++ even though the code could just have easily been written in C, and removed the extra font formatting you put in so that the forum code highlighting would work properly. I also added in indentation that could have been lost in translation (hopefully you did format your code properly originally).

    Anyway, the usual applies: you should explain what help is it that you need, e.g., by describing what the program is supposed to do, what error messages the compiler reported, or if it compiles, what was the test input, expected output, and actual output.

    You might also want to write comments that are helpful to the reader, e.g., "similar to the book" means nothing when you don't make reference to any book (and even if you did, there's no guarantee the reader has access to a copy of the book), and be wary of comments that make reference to "lines 36-39" because line numbers are bound to change as the code is modified.
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    No context? Nothing? You may get better advice if you add some details about what specifically you need help with and what you are attempting to create.

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    When you use "asm" in a program you likely should mention which of the several hundred (or more) assemblies you are using.
    At least mention the CPU or MCU information!

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