Thread: Multiple definition issue when using static const

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    Multiple definition issue when using static const

    Hello, I defined this as a private member of my class:

    static const Vec3f normals [7];
    and then try to initialize it outside the class:

    const Vec3f BVolume::normals [7] = {{1,0,0},{0,1,0},{0,0,1},{SQRT3_3,SQRT3_3,SQRT3_3},{-SQRT3_3,SQRT3_3,SQRT3_3},
    This in a header file. When trying to compile it, I receive three error messages like
    /media/34GB/demos/asmfrt/TextManager.cpp|352|multiple definition of `BVolume::normals'|
    Two of them at the end of classes. How it cn be solved?

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    Two options come to mind:
    • Declare normals in the class definition (which is what you're already doing) then define and initialise it in exactly one source file rather than in the header (i.e., move it from the header to exactly one source file).
    • Declare normals with constexpr and define and initialise it in the class definition:
      static constexpr Vec3f normals[7] = {{1, 0, 0},
                                           {0, 1, 0},
                                           {0, 0, 1},
                                           {SQRT3_3, SQRT3_3, SQRT3_3},
                                           {-SQRT3_3, SQRT3_3, SQRT3_3},
                                           {-SQRT3_3, -SQRT3_3, SQRT3_3},
                                           {SQRT3_3, -SQRT3_3, SQRT3_3}};
      Of course, I'm assuming that SQRT3_3 can be used in a constexpr context, e.g., it is itself a constexpr, a const initialised at compile time, an enum, a macro constant.
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