Thread: putting a random numbers generator in a class

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    putting a random numbers generator in a class

    I'm learning c++ so it's a newbie question.

    I what to put a random generator in a class because it is only used by the class.
    To declare and to initialize a random numbers generator I use this piece of code:

    std::random_device seed;
    std::default_random_engine rand_gen(seed());
    but putting that code in a class it gives an error, for example

    class TBoard {
    std::random_device seed;
    std::default_random_engine rand_gen(seed());
    it's wrong. The solution I think is to put rand_gen(seed()) in the class constructor but I can't find the right solution. Could you help me? Thank you

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    Remove the "(seed())" from the member variable declaration and try using the constructor initialiser list.

    I believe the issue you're facing is that initialising in the member variable declaration requires a constexpr (or something like that), which seed() certainly isn't.
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