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    Originally posted by skipper
    By the way, looks like Mario ain't such a "meanie" after all.
    My daughter would disagree
    Mario Figueiredo
    Using Borland C++ Builder 5

    Read the Tao of Programming
    This advise was brought to you by the Comitee for a Service Packless World

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    Silent Wolf
    o.o; yeah that code will probably work ... thanks

    I don't get why everyone else in here has to come in and criticize. Oh well...

    Seeing as though i'm almost done with my C++ class I won't be comin back here again.... I would have... but naw. I'm sure that won't hurt anyone's feelings

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    Paul S. Wang - Standard C++

    I don't buy books, I get them from the library!

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    Silent Wolf
    As promised.... it's only a basic book so I don't know if you would want it.... but (*in class right now*) we use "South Western Programming In C++"

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    I'm sure Mario will appreciate that you shared the information.

    Now, there's a button near the top of the page with the word "register" on it.
    Give it a click, please, and follow the process.

    Doesn't mean you have to come back, of course. That's your choice, but a couple of us would appreciate it if you did.

    "When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail." Abraham Maslow

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    There is no perfict book

    As you read more, you will learn more...

    The best book is the one that you have with your Version of C++.
    So if you need a help---> go to tools help... and then you will be
    seting there reading and reading forever.
    Don't forget to take notes.

    No body in this world will write more that what help has.

    NOW ............ If you didn't find that one there, we are here..
    I used to ask alot of questions. Now a day, I am reading the threads and I am taking notes....

    Am I worge? You can't be a programmer in one month...?
    The best

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    Accelerated C++ "Practical Programming by Example" by Andew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo (imagine having Moo as a last name)

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    This better ?

    I could have sworn I registered before... oh well.

    Anyways... yeah the book I mentioned above is good for beginners... I don't know what level you are at though. It also comes with a diskette (not sure of spelling but i'm pritty sure they come with every book) with programs already written out that you can pull up in your compiler and look over.

    I don't know how to get one though... they have questions in them so I don't know if it's just through schools or what. If you wanted to know I could ask my teacher.

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    Much better, thank you.

    My level? Fair question.

    While minding my own business at a local college, two excellent professors in the Computer Science department "shanghaied" me. That is to say, made me offers that they both knew I wouldn't refuse. (I didn't.)

    I "assist" in the introductory and advanced C++ courses at the school. Hence, my sympathy for "newbies".

    The hitch? Read through these threads and look at the various programming styles. Many ways to skin a cat, so to speak. I know a few, but there are so many left to learn!

    Elegant programming doesn't come from the sky like a bolt of lightning, though sometimes it seems to. It comes from hour upon hour of hard work and study...and mistakes.

    That's exactly what most of these folks have committed themselves to. It also explains why some come off as intolerant of those that seem to want a, seemingly, "quick fix" to their programming problems. (You weren't, but let's not get into THAT again! )

    Mario and I have bandied back and forth over this thread, but Prelude's post is the one you should most take to heart. He's posted a couple of times more than me, so when he tosses something at you, listen.

    "When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail." Abraham Maslow

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