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    super basic question

    Hi everyone- i am a beginner starting out with c++ and I am doing an assignment for the class im taking. The assignment was to write a program calculating the take home pay of an employee after taxes and other payments. When I built it, it didn't show any problems at all. The structure of the program I wrote was first asking the user for a weekly pay and then used that weekly pay to calculate money paid for each tax type, and eventually calculating the take home pay. Then, I knew that i had to write out the final numbers calculated, so i wrote out everything and it looks okay, but when i try and run the program all it does is show me the first question (what is the weekly salary?) and when i put in a number and press enter all it does is move on to the next row in the output screen. How do i make it so that the computer will do all of the calculations and then actually print them?

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    Post your code.
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