Thread: I need Help choosing a Gui Designer. I'm very confused.

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    Unhappy I need Help choosing a Gui Designer. I'm very confused.

    I'll try to explain my problem, I hope you understand!
    I'm new to programming in C and C++. In the past I programmed in Delphi when I used windows!
    When I programmed in Delphi, the IDE provided everything and everything was perfect and worked!

    And I'm not getting the same on Linux in C and C++.

    I started studying C, I loved C, I'm still learning, but I also started learning C++ and I loved C++ and I'm still learning every day.

    So I had to choose a library to create the windows, as there are so many, I read about them, I compared them, I tested some lightly.

    I started with GTK but it wasn't a good experience for me, I didn't like the first impression! Of course it was a light test, but I found the controls too big, wide, it seems heavy to me, which is why I gave up learning it.

    If someone has an opinion against me and wishes to correct me, I will be happy, as I said I didn't study her completely so I may have had a wrong opinion about her!

    So I took a look at QT but also got bored with it, I found it heavy at first, I didn't like the code it generates, I had trouble sending information to her controls, so I quickly gave up on her too, because from the beginning I couldn't trust her! But it is worth remembering that by Designer everything works as I expect! I was able to color a TextCtrl in a normal way and without problems, which in wxWidgets is impossible!

    So I ventured into wxWidgets. This one I studied much deeper, I was excited in the beginning, I liked the forum because they are very helpful. But currently I'm completely disappointed in her. Forgive me for my opinion but I don't think wxWidgets is professional.

    I was very disappointed, doing such basic things and finding that they don't work. Trying to color the background of a TextCtrl doesn't work, trying to modify its size in Linux doesn't work, not even its MaxLenght doesn't work for Multiline, ListCtrl with huge limitations, Grid with limitations, silly mistakes, among other problems that in my opinion weren't even meant to exist!

    My disappointment was huge!

    Today I looked at FLTK. It seems that the basics that doesn't work in wxWidgets works in it! The first impression was great because of that, even without studying and just looking in a few minutes, looking at the controls I used in wxWidgets, I liked it, but I'm worried if it's good, if it's complete, if I won't have problems later!

    I looked at the XForms Screenshots, from the images it seems to me that the basics also work, and also from the images it seems to do more things that wxWidgets can't do. But I also don't know anything about it, whether or not I should study or venture into it!

    There are other GUIs and there are many, and all I want and need at the moment is to be able to color myself without depending on themes, my window.

    I want my text field with the black background and the grey letters, I want my multiline text field with the same colour, I want my window black. I want my grid with the blue title background and the white letter while your lines with black background and the gray letters. I want when selecting a grid line that the whole line is selected the same works in FLTK, in QT, because none of this above works right in wxWidgets on Linux!

    My total disappointment with wxWidgets was just never to imagine that any GUI Designer I would choose would have these kinds of problems that I consider very basic to run in a GUI Kit.

    If someone can help me, guide me, indicate me, correct my opinion, even criticizing me, because at the moment I am without a direction!

    My only goal at the moment is a GUI that allows me for a button to open a text file, send the text to a Grid that I can color the title, hide columns, change the background color from white to another color, change the color of texts from black to gray.

    Allow me to reduce the height of TextCtrl because I want to use size 25 allow me to change the background color of textctrl and allow me to textctrl with multiline

    These are basic things I would expect you to have in any GUI Designer (Libraries)

    Images of my disappointment with wxWidgets

    Control Height works on windows! But that doesn't work in linux

    I need Help choosing a Gui Designer. I'm very confused.-textctrl-height-png

    I need Help choosing a Gui Designer. I'm very confused.-gkqnbff-png

    I can't color TextCtrl because it only has one line! I found that disappointing!

    I need Help choosing a Gui Designer. I'm very confused.-0beakpu-png

    I want a graphics library that works normally, that's all!
    That works on Linux, I wouldn't use windows even if there was only him, I prefer in this case paper and pencil that is more reliable!

    I apologize in advance, if my opinion or what I wrote offends someone, because it's not that intention, I'm just explaining the way I know how to do what I'm going through when trying to find a ToolKit.

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    If you've got particular issues with WxWidgets, then wxWidgets Discussion Forum - Index page is the place to ask.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    If you've got particular issues with WxWidgets, then wxWidgets Discussion Forum - Index page is the place to ask.
    Thanks for answering, but I have no questions to ask for wxWidgets, since what I informed about my discontent, there is no solution, nor did I report all the problems I encountered with this platform.

    As I have informed you, I consider the basic problems to be too much to exist.
    These basic problems are BUGS that should not exist!

    So I can't take this library seriously!
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    If you love Delphi so much give Lazarus a try. It's very similar.
    Lazarus Homepage

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGuy2 View Post
    If you love Delphi so much give Lazarus a try. It's very similar.
    Lazarus Homepage
    Thanks for responding! Thanks for Link, I'm sure it'll be useful, because I'll test it! It has old sources in Delphi and it would be nice to see them on Linux.

    But at the moment my focus is C and C++, my interest in building windows with these 2 languages

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