Thread: help with getters and setters in classes.

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    help with getters and setters in classes.

    I'm using object orientating to make an audio plug in. This reads in the audio file as an array. I'm trying to display the mean of the array to the console window using getters and setters.

    I have a Mean function in my class.cpp file which is:

    double AudioFile::Mean()
        if (inputSIG != NULL)
            double sum = 0, mean;
            for (int i = 0; i < numSamples; i++)
                //sum = last values sum + next value in array
                sum = sum + inputSIG[i];
            mean = sum / (float)numSamples;
            return mean;

    I have mean established in my private variables in the class header file.

     double mean;

    and it's set to 0 (so its empty and can be filled in when the array in read in with the sound file) in the class source file like this:

    How should I go about displaying the calculated mean? How would I apply getters and setters?
    I think it would be something like this:
    //in header file
    double getmean() {return mean;}
    void setmean (mean) {mean}
    //in main
    cout << audio.getmean << endl;

    I hope this makes sense. I'm basically calculating the mean within a function in a class and trying to get that mean/set an empty mean variable to be that value so I can print it out.
    Thanks for any help.

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    What's the difference between
    double AudioFile::Mean()
    double AudioFile::getmean()

    > double sum = 0, mean;
    Your local variable 'mean' is different to the class member variable with the same name.

    TBH, having to do this seems a long-winded way of going about it.
    double temp = myAudioThing.Mean();
    cout << myAudioThing.getmean() << endl;
    Your 'Mean' function already calculates and returns the result, so just go with that.
    cout << myAudioThing.Mean() << endl;
    But I'd give it a better name like say CalculateMean.
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    Thank you very much!!
    I understand now.
    You are a hero.

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