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    Library Implementation Guide

    Hey. I really like the code design and implementations of many libraries I've happened to come across. Everything looks so pure, if that's the right word. I'm looking forward to a career involving library programming, language designing, problem solving and program designing in general few years down the line (I don't know if I've used the right words but as long as you get the idea, all good, no?).

    I want to start practicing such concepts and design ideas.. I once tried implementing a simple 2D Game Engine a few months back. The idea was good and everything worked as planned, but as far as implementation was concerned, it was terrible. The entire concept of OOP seemed distant in the code, compared to even the low-end library implementations by hobby-ist programmers. I know I can do better, it's just that the whole idea seems alien to me right now.

    The purpose of this thread is to ask for suggestions (from those who've got some experience in this field in the past) regarding online content or books that I can read and learn from related to the topic "Getting accustomed to writing good, clean code" and "Library programming for beginners" and "OOP - the C++ way of doing things" and "How to write efficient, neat code like in the STL or Boost or GMP or any big open source project". You get the idea. I've been looking at open source projects for a few weeks now and it's simply amazing to see the level of abstraction implemented and code designing without a tad-bit effect on performance. I'd like to do something great some day with code too.... I get it, practice makes perfect, and that's what I'm going to be doing more and more, but having some material to read along would be great.

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    Library programming and class programming can be two different things.

    I know enough to do an good (but not great) C Library; but, not sure I could do an good C++ library which often means using templates.

    I know I can not do a good job on an C++ OOP Library.

    So, one thing is to learn templates for C++ and look at the STL or Boost libraries for how they did it.

    Tim S.
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