I am trying to debug an application crash and I am having problems.

Any, compiler options or linker options that can improve the result of debugging.

The program uses DrMingw to produce an crash log but, it does not make sense.

It crashes in wxHtmlWindow::SetHTMLBackgroundColour call.

But, the place above that one was an call to wxHtmlWindow::GetHTMLBackgroundColour

Notice the Set/Get difference.

The class wxHtmlWindow is an multiple inheritance class.

The problem is likely related to an build options; but, I have no idea if it is an incorrect or missing option.

The library is wxWidgets 3.0 git branch; The compiler is MSys2 MinGW64 64 bit 9.3.0. I am trying to built the Code::Blocks IDE under MSys2 via custom CB Projects.

Any warning I should enable to help find possible code issues.

The problem does not exist in wxWidgets 3.1 git master.
And, when building using makefile.gcc it does not exist.
I see it only when building using configure/make build.

Tim S.