Thread: delete new char[] correctly ?

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    delete new char[] correctly ?

    Hi padawan here So do l have this situacion. l call a function twice that returns a c-string, and l save into the same char* pointer (* c_string). but is correct to delete that (* c_string) before assigning the return value again to foo() ?. Because if l dont part of the content remains, when l stepped in the debugger l can see it. Thanks in advance.

    char *foo (const char *_s) {
       char *str = new char[40];
       strcpy(str, _s);
       strcat(str, " *** ");
       strcat(str, _s);
       return str;
    int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
       char *c_string;
       c_string = foo("monster");
       printf("%s\n", c_string);
       delete []c_string; // is this correct before calling foo() again?
       c_string = foo("paragraph another");
       printf("%s\n", c_string);
       delete []c_string;
       return 0;

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    Yes, you should do so otherwise you technically have a memory leak (although this is a short running program so it doesn't matter).
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    thats what l was thinking thank you. Yes this a small part of a program.

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    Another tip, using only ISO functions from string.h:

    char *foo( char *s )
      char *p;
      char tmp;
      ssize_t size;
      // get the size of final string.
      size = snprintf( &tmp, 1, "%s *** %s", s, s );
      // allocate space, fill the buffer and return the pointer.
      p = new char[size+1];
      sprintf( p, "%s *** %s", s, s );
      return p;

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