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    I would like to make a simple gui that would execute bat files.By pressing on the appropriate buttons,a bat file will run that will setup an auto check of the hard drive and ram of the computer each 3 months.After this having been done,the log files will be transmitted to a locally hosted website.This is on a lan system,all the computers will be listed with the status of their hard drives and ram ( OK or bad.)

    I would like to say that i am a simple student except some calculator and basic game i did nothing else in C + +.This is why i thought of using something to facilitate my task and i found QT gui.I never made a gui before so i wonder if the task is doable for me.I have a 2 months deadline with approx 3 hours per day.

    I would need support on how to make the gui and make it execute the bat files,how to automatically output txt files of the ram and hdd test then parse each line.If the key-sentence "No further actions is required" is found then the status will be set as OK else it will be set as PROBLEM DETECTED.

    I do not mind using plugins and other things to facilitate my task.

    I would appreciate support,recommendations and counsil. I do not even know if this is the correct category or even forum to ask help but i did not have a better idea.I would appreciate support.

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    Step 1: Create and test the batch scripts and make sure they run properly without writing a single line of GUI code yet
    Step 2: Write a simple GUI wrapper over them, don't think you'd need qt for something this simple...can just use the winapi directly
    Step 3: Make the networking part work


    Now break down each of these steps further as needed until it is clear enough that you can start writing and testing the code.

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