Thread: C++ builder 6 help needed

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    C++ builder 6 help needed

    Can anybody help with this problem i have with bcb ver6.

    I have a simple program, with an array of strings. There are 100 words in this array. the array is in a function called get_a_word. Then in the T Form object i have a char word[20]. I randomly select a word and copy it into the both the hidden_word and words strings. T
    This works fine once, but once i call the function again if the previous word was longer than the one now selected the program, leaves the remaining characters in place e.g. first word = Hello, second word = Hi , whats in string = Hillo.
    I have tried using the strcpy(words,"") to clear the string first, but it doesnt seem to clear correctly. I am calling this from the get_a_word function. Sample of code below.

    Can anybody help me?


    //code for program //

    TForm1 *Form1;

    char words[20];
    char hidden_word[20];

    int size, x, y;
    char wordlist[20][20]=
    //word list here

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    Sorry, but I don't think I can help you with this. I need more code to see what's going wrong. Here's an example that works:
    char words[20];
    char wordlist[5][20] = { "Hello", "Hi", "world", "Ho Ho", "STOP" };
    strcpy(words, wordlist[0]);
    printf("word = [%s]\n", words);
    strcpy(words, wordlist[1]);
    printf("word = [%s]\n", words);
    If you need to clear the string you can use this:
    words[0] = '\0';

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