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    AI project

    I need to make an AI program implementing permenant memory (file i/o) for my AP Comp Sci class. Does anyone have any ideas that a beginning programmer might be able to actually write?

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    Originally posted by DeadArchDown
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    Unregistered, what code have you written so far? What part of the assignment don't you understand?

    Basically you would define the states that your AI could choose from. You would have initial states, but of course since it will be a AI that learns you'll want to dynamically allocate the size of the states ( since you said you're a beginner then go with arrays instead of linked-lists ). Then write an algorithm that runs at the program's initializing that reads in the states, actions, etc., dynamically creates the arrays based on the number of states, actions, etc.. Then as your AI "learns" you would create your new array to hold the original + added data, and copy your old array into the new one, then delete the first array. At preset intervals ( probably after something is "learned" ) save the new array data to a file over the old data.

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