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    system(/*stuff */

    Does anybody have a list of things that you can use in a system() call?

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    The system command passes a NULL terminated string to the command interpreter. That means you can invoke any internal command (built into in DOS say; like "cls", or "dir"), or any external command, that is, an executable program, batch file etc stored on your hard drive.

    Basically, if you're at the C:\> prompt, and you type a command that does something, runs a program etc, you can do that with a system command.

    I'm sure there are limitations, and if you have some code that doesn't work, post it, and someone here will help.

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    just include stdlib.h

    and to execute a command type the following:

    system("CLS"); //clears the screen
    system("pause"); //press any key to continue
    system("ping"); //ping yourself

    Hope this helps
    tudehopet uses Borland Compiler 5.5
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