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    C++ customized tutorial videos

    Hello everyone.

    We have studied C language at the first half of the semester and now we are starting C++.

    These are the topics we will go through:
    Classes, fields and methods, members and static, constructors and destructors, const methods and objects
    Functions and operators overloading
    Static and dynamic memory understanding and management
    Nested classes and Namespaces
    Exceptions handling
    Templates functions and classes
    Principles of generic programming
    Generic iterators
    Templates specialization
    Template meta-programming (TMP)
    Standard template library (STL)
    Virtual methods and polymorphism
    Encapsulation, abstract classes and interfaces, multiple inheritance

    Can someone here refer me to a good video tutorial covering this material?

    Thanks in advance and thank you all for the help you provided me with C lang!

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    inside a singularity

    I watch videos from these channels all the time, there are some in regional languages too but there'd be no point sharing those. Also, this forum is one of the best places imo to learn C++ aside from books and reference material.
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    Thank you!!

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