Thread: Unique pointer and a vector in the class constructor

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    Unique pointer and a vector in the class constructor


    I was mildly surprised when I realized that I cannot initialize the vector directly like in the commented out command, but have to use a default constructor. Surprised because initialization directly via the constructor (i.e. without a unique pointer) works fine. I am doing this right, or is there a better way? Because doing it this way on a class with many vectors bloats the code.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <memory>
    #include <vector>
    struct Gauge
        std::vector<int> Dial;
        Gauge() = default;
        Gauge(std::vector<int> dial) : Dial(dial) {}
    int main ()
        // auto gauge = std::make_unique<Gauge> ({1,2});
        auto gauge = std::make_unique<Gauge> ();
        gauge->Dial = {1,2};
        std::cout << gauge->Dial[0] << '\n';

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    I think you may need a std::initializer_list constructor to do that. If you don't go that route, what about:
    auto gauge = std::make_unique<Gauge>(std::vector{1, 2});
    But an initializer_list constructor might be better so as to not expose the internals of the class... but you already have the member variable as public so it might not matter.
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    Yes, this works! Thank you!

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