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    Question void goto()

    I have seen it before. How do I use it? Also, what is the code to use it?

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    I don't know about a void goto(), but there is (At least in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0), a keyword function goto. It's fairly simle to use, just put in any word/number/whatever at the beginning of a line of code, with a : after it. And the command goto (whatever you used); will take you back to that line.

    #include <iostream.h>

    int main()
    int a = 0;
    here:cout << a;
    goto here;

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    Alot of people will tell you to "Avoid goto".
    In my opinion, i used goto in the past, but will not use it now due to if/else or do/while loops.
    That is my oppinion though.
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    Most people say goto produces "spaghetti-code" that is hard to read and that it should be avoided.
    There is still one occasion where it might be good though:
    if you have several while and for loops nested into each other and you want to get out of them all, using breaks would be quite tedious, but a simple goto could would make it simple:

    while(something) {
    for (whatever) {
    while (blabla) {
    // stuff
    while (anything) {
    if (breakcondition)
    goto end;

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