Thread: Change struct members inside a function and pass to another functions

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    Change struct members inside a function and pass to another functions

    Hello All

    Could not understand usage of pointers to pointers as a function input. Basically I want to fill struct members inside a function and pass to another functions as filled with pointers.

    struct application {
    int a_onehit=0
    struct application *fill_struct_application() 
    int main(){
        struct application *appointer= fill_struct_application();
        printf("main: %f\n", appointer->a_onehit);
    return 0;
    struct application *fill_struct_application() {
        static struct application ap,*pptr;
        pptr = (struct application*)malloc(sizeof(struct application));
        pptr = ≈
        RT_APPLICATION_INIT(pptr); //not important for now
        pptr->a_onehit = 1;
        return pptr;
    Tried with various approaches including pointers to pointers but always "a_onehit" showed "0" like "ap" and "pptr" can only live inside "fill_struct_application" function. So how can pass "ap" as filled inside "fill_struct_application" to another functions as filled.

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    It looks like the simplest solution for you would be:
    struct application {
        int a_onehit = 1;
    If you prefer, write the default constructor:
    struct application {
        application() : a_onehit(1) {}
        int a_onehit;
    If you really, really want to use a separate non-member function, then make use of a reference parameter:
    struct application {
        int a_onehit;
    void fill_struct_application(application& x) {
        x.a_onehit = 1;
    but I don't recommend this as it is essentially unnecessary two-stage object construction. Do it for other use cases, i.e., setting the member variable to a replacement value.

    Generally, you should not use malloc in C++ unless you're writing an allocator or need to do some special case stuff.
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