Thread: Overload pre and post increment

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    Overload pre and post increment

    Hi all,

    I just reached the overloading chapter, amazing and confusing .
    so i tried to overload the pre and post increment operations. So i did the following:

    Simple class:
    class Counter {
        Counter() : val(0) {};
        Counter(int ival) : val(ival) {};
        Counter(const Counter& rhs);
        int GetVal() const { return val; }
        void SetVal(int v) { val = v; }
        const Counter operator++();
        const Counter operator++(int dummy);
        int val;
    const Counter Counter::operator++() {
        cout << "pre increment called" << std::endl;
        return *this;
    const Counter Counter::operator++(int dummy) {
        cout << "post increment called" << std::endl;
        Counter temp(*this);
        return temp;
    using both of them :
    Counter c(1);
    Counter pre = ++c;
    Counter post = c++;
    i printed the results. they are fine and correct.
    the 2 functions are similar except the parameter "dummy".
    my question : how is ++c or c++ calling the right function ?

    why is ++c calling the function without input parameter? and c++ calling the function with the input parameter?

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    The dummy thing is only there to distinguish the pre and post versions from being otherwise identical definitions.
    Increment/decrement operators -
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