Thread: call a method from another class

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    call a method from another class

    Hi all,

    i have difficulty understanding the following :
    i have two classes : Point and Rectangle.

    class Point // holds x,y coordinates
        void SetX(int x) { itsX = x; }
        void SetY(int y) { itsY = y; }
        int GetX()const { return itsX;}
        int GetY()const { return itsY;}
        int itsX;
        int itsY;
    class Rectangle
         Rectangle (int top, int left, int bottom, int right);
        ~Rectangle () {}
         Point GetUpperLeft() const { return itsUpperLeft; }
         Point GetLowerLeft() const { return itsLowerLeft; }
         Point GetUpperRight() const { return itsUpperRight; }
         Point GetLowerRight() const { return itsLowerRight; }
         void SetUpperLeft(Point Location) {itsUpperLeft = Location;}
         void SetLowerLeft(Point Location) {itsLowerLeft = Location;}
         void SetUpperRight(Point Location) {itsUpperRight = Location;}
         void SetLowerRight(Point Location) {itsLowerRight = Location;}
         Point itsUpperLeft;
         Point itsUpperRight;
         Point itsLowerLeft;
         Point itsLowerRight;
    int main()
            //initialize a local Rectangle variable
        Rectangle MyRectangle (100, 20, 50, 80 );
        std::cout << MyRectangle.GetUpperLeft().GetX();
    my question is about this :

    i know that an object of Point can access a public method of Point.
    But here i have a function (method of Rectangle class) from type Point that return a Point object. that's fine...why is this method able to call a method from the class Point ?

    so a public method of the class X cannot only be accessed by an X object but also from a function of type X that can return an X object?

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    It might be easier to think of it in this way, that this:
    std::cout << MyRectangle.GetUpperLeft().GetX();
    is equivalent to:
    Point temp = MyRectangle.GetUpperLeft();
    std::cout << temp.GetX();
    Now you can see that "why is this method able to call a method from the class Point ?" doesn't make sense: GetUpperLeft doesn't call GetX.
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    Ooooh yes it makes sense
    thanks a lot

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