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    Overloading <<

    Hi all,
    i am studying a C++ book. Now i am having the chapter slowly going to classes. The book is ok, makes, but makes me angry from time to time, because the guy mention sth new but used a complicated example...i need help to understand this example :

    struct Person {
        string name_;
        int age_;
        string place_;
    // i don't get this implementation
    std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, Person p) {
            return os << p.name_ << " ("<< p.age_<<") from " << p.place_;
    int main() {
    Person paul {"Paul", 23, "Dresden"};
    cout << "You are " << paul << ", right ?\n";
    what i dont understand is the overloading of <<. especially the parameter list (std::ostream& os, Person p).

    in the main.. the usage happens with "<< paul"
    where do i see here the parameters , especially std::ostream& os

    so i dont really understand neither the implementation nor the usage of it.

    would be grateful if someone can explain me this in an understandable way.

    i have watched a video about overloading the + operator, and it was easy to understand.

    but introducing the overloading in a beginner book with such an example is really mean...there is not even a proper explanation..

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    Let's ignore the operator chaining and just consider:
    cout << paul;
    This is equivalent to:
    operator<<(cout, paul);
    Now you can see the arguments.
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    When I was learning basics about operator overloading, I came across this and it's really good.

    Operator Overloading in C++ - GeeksforGeeks

    Stroustrup: C++ Style and Technique FAQ

    Operator overloading - Wikipedia

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    Not easy to see that as a beginner...thanks Laserlight--

    @Zeus_ : i have good experience with geeksforgeeks, will take a look at it, thanks a lot
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