Thread: redid the names on my github

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    redid the names on my github

    laserlight said they werent right so i redid them it took a few days, my other thread was locked.

    GitHub - learningToProgramGames/flow: removing the jerkiness

    im not making a hacking program, its a concept to find cheaters in video games that are hacking.

    i didnt know it at the time but the renaming had me incorporating higher conceptualizations than i had intended. so it could be used for things like the stock market if this video has any way of being put into the flow chart and naming convention;


    this was a project i started a few weeks ago to try to help anti cheat companies get a better idea of how to find and stop hackers. im not a hacker myself, i just try to stop them from breaking my video games.

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    Was trying to make my own anti-cheat in csgo or apex since cheating is so blatant in this game, I will try to read more of your code and see how can I implement those in my own work. Thanks by the way.

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