Thread: Desktop application in c++

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    Desktop application in c++


    I am looking help with visual studio I want create desktop application in c++

    Desktop application in c++-dp1-png

    I want to create desktop application for automation

    I don't know the setting so anyone can help to create first project setting

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    If you are looking for desktop app for automation, the best way to go is to use AutoIt
    AutoIt Scripting Language - AutoIt

    If you still want to build GUI with C++ with pure Win32 API calls then it is hard task..
    Because I used to write in AutoIt a lot and I wanted to program similar in C++, I am working on this library
    GitHub - gileli121/CU3-Library: Reimplemented Autoit functions for C++

    It is AutoIt GUI functions that implemented in C++ and use pure Win32 API calls.

    You can use AutoIt GUI examples and with little changes build them in C++.
    Maybe you will find it useful.

    I don't know if this is the best way to go for you.

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