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    Im trying to figure out how to display an image, just a .jpeg file onto the graphics window. However, I'm pretty sure the code is right.... it looks like this:

    window w(800,600,0,0);

    image card("images\\scs.jpg", JPEG);

    This seems like it should work because I basically copied the code from a sheet with the CMU functions on it. But when it runs it gives me an error:

    [Linker error] Unresolved external '_jpegload' referenced from......

    I am using Borland C++ Builder 5 if that helps anyone.

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    i think it's something lie this

    ("c://folder(s)the file")

    note the c:
    but yours may be d: or something

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    >>("c://folder(s)the file")
    if you are using the '/' you only need one of them, otherwise the compiler will think you are commenting out the other stuff

    ("c:\\folder(s)the file")
    OR ("c:/folder(s)the file")
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    hey thanks for the response, but I have already tried all the combo's of the / and // and eve some \ and \\ nothing changes the error I get. The problem lies somewhere else, in the error I think. Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

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