Thread: Are there platform specific headers other than <windows.h>

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    Are there platform specific headers other than <windows.h>

    There ought to be right? I couldn't find anything proper.
    Is there a site with like a list or something?

    I'm talking about headers that aren't cross-platform yet which are available in compilers right when you get them.

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    C -> C Standard Library header files -
    C++ -> C++ Standard Library headers -
    If it isn't on either of those lists, it's platform specific.

    The approximate Unix/Linux/BSD equivalent of windows.h is unistd.h.
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    What about mac os

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    In the C and C++ programming languages, unistd.h is the name of the header file that provides access to the POSIX operating system API. It is defined by the POSIX.1 standard, the base of the Single Unix Specification, and should therefore be available in any conforming (or quasi-conforming) operating system/compiler (all official versions of UNIX, including macOS, Linux, etc.).
    unistd.h - Wikipedia
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