Thread: Reading a file from a subfolder

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    Reading a file from a subfolder

    Hello, I'm trying to make a simple text based rpg game thingy and I don't want to clutter my working directory with dozens of text files to I neatly packed them into a sub folder in the which is located in the working directory. However I cannot figure out what am I doing wrong as it says that "files does not exist" and that is the same for all text files. Reading a file from a subfolder-untitled-png
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    Well apparently I just removed the "/Text Based RPG" part and added ".." before the "/Text Files" part. Can anyone explain why this worked and the other way did not?

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    Well the "current working directory" can vary depending on how you launch the program.
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    /Path would be considered an absolute path.

    I assume you're working on Windows. In that case "/Text Based RPG/Text Files/" implies C:\Text Based RPG\Text Files (replace C:\ according to situation). To get a path relative to the current working directory (i.e. next to your executable), you simply start with the name.

    ├── build
    │   ├── install.bat      // path: "../install.bat"
    │   ├── app
    │   │   ├── program.exe  // ← your program & (usually) working directory
    │   │   ├── config.ini   // path: "config.ini" or "./config.ini"
    │   ├── data
    │   │   ├── blob.bin     // path: "../data/blob.bin"
    ├──            // path: "../../"

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    Ohhhh, I see now. So what I was doing was telling the program that all the text files were in C:\Text Based RPG\Text Files, while my goal was to make it work wherever I move the whole Project Folder "Text Based RPG". But with the ".." before "/Text Files" and the removal of "/Text Based RPG" seemed to do the trick.

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