Thread: How to play sound in C++?

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    How to play sound in C++?

    Oh god I have been looking everywhere but I can't get a sound to play on C++.

    I included windows.h and mmsystem.h and tried the following:
    PlaySound(TEXT("1.wav"), NULL, SND_SYNC);

    I get the error
    Error LNK2019 unresolved external symbol __imp_PlaySoundA referenced in function main QuizWiz
    every single time.

    What am I doing wrong? And while we're at it any tutorials to work with sounds in C++? Or libraries if C++ doesn't support it?

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    PlaySound function (Windows)
    Scroll right to the end, where it tells you about winmm.lib

    You need to tell the compiler, actually the linker, where to get the code that implements the function.
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