Thread: Datatype errors while threading using templates

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    Datatype errors while threading using templates

    Hi everyone,

    I'm struggling with a particular c++ assignment. We're asked to parallelize a sequential task that uses the boost library to detect edges in a given image, but I just can't seem to get the datatypes to work properly. I am using c++ threads to paralleize.

    In the x_gradient_par.h file, a function x_gradient() is declared. x_gradient() creates a variable number of threads which then perform edge detection on the different segments of the source image. The assignment uses templates heavily and I'm having a hard time passing parameters and using them in the thread function x_gradient_par.
    The main error I'm getting is 'invalid use of incomplete type..'
    I've attached all relevant files.

    x_gradient_par.h: Parallel version of x_gradient() to be implemented.
    x_gradient_seq.h: Sequential version of x_gradient() (Provided with assignment to serve as reference)
    x_gradient.h: Header file for x_luminosity_gradient(). The function which calls x_gradient()
    errors.txt: log of compilation errors.

    I realize this is a lot of files. However, the core of the problem lies in x_gradient_par.h
    I just want to be as thorough with my description of the problem as possible to make it clearer for you guys.

    Appreciate any tips you can give me!


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    'invalid use of incomplete type..'

    From experience you normally get this error when you have failed to include the correct header.

    Figure out which header defines the type it is complaining about; then, include it.

    Tim S.
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