Thread: Converting Strings To Doubles

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    Converting Strings To Doubles


    I need to convert a string into a large number (I am using double because it has to have decimal places)

    double ConvertStringToDouble(string s)
            double d = 0.0d;
            d = stod(s);
            return d;
        catch (exception ex)
            return -1;
    Can someone please tell me why when I pass in
    string mystr = "2532068"

    it comes out as

    Thanks in advance!

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    The conversion went fine, but you're seeing the result expressed in scientific notation. To change that behavior, you can pass a flag to the output stream, e.g.:

    std::string num("2532068");
    double result = std::stod(num);
    std::cout << std::fixed << result << std::endl;
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    By the way, 0.0 is a double constant; there's no need to add a non-standard d suffix, although in that part you don't even need the variable named d because you could just return stod(s).

    Note that since you are returning -1 on conversion failure, you have no way to determine if a value of -1 is an error or a valid conversion, so this presupposes that in your context, -1 is never a valid value.
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